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Fact Sheet

Fused Response 2012 Factsheet

The Government of Guyana has given approval for a joint Guyana Defence Force/U.S. Military exercise to take place from March 1-9.   Fused Response is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored exercise involving a combined contingent of U.S. and Guyanese Armed Forces.  

Guyanese and U.S. Armed Forces train together frequently and enjoy a solid working relationship.

Training under the Fused Response exercise includes communications, staff planning, reconnaissance, and oth er such combined and joint training events.  It will improve interoperability and the skills of both Guyana and U.S. Forces to better respond to security challenges and to provide disaster response and humanitarian relief.  

This exercise will also help enhancing the collective ability to combat regional threats including terrorism, illicit trafficking, and organized crime.

Approximately 125 Guyanese personnel and 350 U.S. personnel will participate in the training exercise.

Both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft are participating in the exercise and all aircraft will fly in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

Safety is always a primary concern.  Safety will never be sacrificed for the sake of realism in training.  A risk assessment has been conducted prior to all Fused Response training by the leaders and planners of this exercise in order to ensure risks are minimized.  Our personnel receive updated safety briefings and safety standards are in place to ensure the safety of everyone concerned.  We will also have medical personnel at each training site and we have planned for medical evacuation if a serious injury does take place.  

Fused Response is a highly beneficial exercise.  It enhances the skills of our Special Operations Forces, increases interoperability among participating countries, and leads to the exchange of ideas and techniques.  This exercise will foster professional relationships between the two nations that will have a lasting impact.