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Fused Response '12

The Government of Guyana has given approval for a joint Guyana Defence Force/U.S. Military exercise to take place here from March 1-9.  The exercise, titled “Fused Response 2012,” will be conducted by the Guyana Defence Force, along with members of Special Operations Command South, which will serve as the U.S. Southern Command’s lead agency for this event.  The training events will be held in the Timehri and Makouria areas.

The joint exercise, which will involve 500 personnel, including 350 U.S. military personnel, is aimed at improving the interoperability of the participating forces and increasing their capacity to confront common threats, such as organized crime and illicit trafficking.  The Guyana Defence Forces, U.S. Southern Command, and Special Operations Command South conduct military activities every year, which keeps them updated on the advances in the areas of military operations, readiness, and the mutual interaction between both militaries.

During the conduct of the exercise, the public is asked not to be alarmed at the sounds of simulated explosives, gunfire, and low-flying aircraft.  Training activities will be conducted with strict adherence to security procedures that will prevent harm or injury to any member of the public.

For more information and imagery of the exercise, please visit the Guyana Defence Force website at: 

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